Top 10 Insights Videos of 2018

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As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to take stock of the past year’s successes, top trends, and most interesting innovations as we prepare for another exciting year ahead.

We’ve compiled our top 10 most-watched videos on Insights from 2018:

  1. 6 GM Vehicles Going Away in 2019
  2. Ford Files Patent for Round Vehicle Design
  3. It Took 65 Years to Make This Car
  4. Engineers Test World’s Largest Jet Engine Over Desert
  5. This Robot Can Paint Your Living Room
  6. Rolls-Royce Unveils Its First SUV
  7. New Mercedes Headlight is ‘Revolutionary’
  8. BMW Announces Concept Vehicle for Factory Workers
  9. How Toyota Is Cutting Motor Cost in Half
  10. First 3D Printed Carbon-Fiber Bike a ‘Technological Marvel’

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