Tis The Season for $600 Fidget Spinners


If you’ve been anywhere in the proximity of a 6 to 16-year-old in the last year, you’re probably familiar with a fidget spinner. These relatively simple devices were initially offered as a solution for anxiety or ADHD, but have since grown in mainstream popularity. They usually have a three-armed design with a centerpiece that houses spinning bearings.

Since their inception, the variety of materials, colors, and designs has escalated to now encompass flashing LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity. The popularity and creativity of the spinners have even led some artists and jewelry designers to begin producing highly collectible models made from silver and titanium.

A couple of examples include:

  • Flyaway Toys’ Maelstrom Custom spinners that start at $160. The spinners, described by their makers as unique as a snowflake because of the intensive and time-consuming production process, which includes spraying with liquid nitrogen to ensure proper part fittings, are made from materials ranging from titanium to brass.
  • The $335 Sterling Silver Black Lotus is made by 3D design specialists Yurich Design Services. The price comes primarily from the material selection.
  • Made from titanium and high-quality Damascus Steel is Rotablade’s $385 Damasteel Stubby Spinner. Doubling as a cigar stand and made from some of the same materials used for sword blades, it features ceramic bearings and deep, acid-etched artwork.
  • Trevor Hirschi’s $425 TiSpin Prop relies on 3D modeling software, CNC machining, and grade 5 titanium to produce a spinner inspired by WWII airplane propellers. In addition to only featuring two spinning panels, its high-quality bearings mean the device is dead silent.
  • Finally, there the $600 9-Gear Fidget Spinner with nine stainless steel gears and 52 total parts. A $140 custom case is also available for the “toy”?

Obviously, these probably aren’t the right fit for middle-schoolers dealing with the stresses of puberty, but for those who appreciate pocket-sized interactive industrial art – these might be worth taking for a spin.

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