The Domino Effect of Teamwork

Businessman standing on top of falling columns: Domino effect concept.

All work and no play can make pallets a very dull product. That is, unless you’re Exporta Global.

In January, the U.K.-based storage solution company snagged the Guinness World Record for “Most Pallets Toppled in Domino Fashion,” with a staggering 1,377 pallets. They surpassed previous titleholders LIDL Spain by over 100 pallets.

The idea for this came about when Exporta Head of Marketing Craig Dunn noticed that plastic pallets stacked on their sides looked a lot like oversized dominos. He wondered what 1,000 toppling pallets would look like, and started to formulate the idea in earnest. Upon learning that there was already an existing record, he became determined to break it, and to use the project as a team-building exercise for the Exporta staff.

This would end up requiring a lot of planning and strategizing. The company had to devise a plan that would allow them to clear out space in the warehouse, set up all the pallets, and then clear the pallets — all within a six-hour time span.

When the big day arrived, some of the staff members showed up to work as early as 5:30 a.m. to make sure that everything went according to plan. They divided into two teams that set up the pallets from different parts of the warehouse, eventually meeting up in the middle. Precision was top of everyone’s mind; one misstep would mean starting over from scratch.

Together, the team watched with bated breath as the 1,377 pallets toppled down in a roaring thunder until the last one finally landed. Through their hard work, collaboration, and careful planning, Exporta Global showcased how a playful project can bring employees together.


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