Space Robotics Market Blasting Past $3.5B

NASA Mars Rover

The space robotics market is predicted to grow from its current level of $2 billion to around $3.5 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report. One of the primary factors contributing to this growth is the continued development of artificial intelligence platforms that can provide enhanced application potential.

This includes the ability to perform highly-complex tasks for a longer duration with minimal human supervision or involvement. Some additional factors driving the growth of this market include:

  • Enhanced AI allows for the use of robots in environments that pose higher risks to humans, but have previously demanded human decision-making and precision.
  • The heightened number of cross-agency research projects and experiments have created the need for more robots to carry them out these experiments in order to meet increasingly aggressive timelines.
  • Robotic arms are becoming more popular for deploying larger, heavier and more advanced systems in space.
  • Autonomous vehicles are becoming a bigger part of space exploration.
  • The use of unmanned vessels and robotic units to assess and survey asteroids has become a more prominent component of many space missions.
  • Commercial applications, including work on the space station and satellite launches, are becoming more reliant on robotic systems as a way to cut costs, save time and improve safety.

Image Credit: NASA / Wikimedia Commons

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