Selecting the Right Security Fencing Solution for Your Application

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Every facility has unique security needs, ranging from minor everyday issues to unpredictable situations. Security fencing is a preventative solution, stopping vandalism, robbery, theft of sensitive data, and identity fraud before they happen. A security fence keeps intruders off your property and ensures the safety of authorized personnel and guests.

Security fencing may bring to mind highly secure locations such as data centers, military buildings, prisons, utility facilities, and airports; however, it’s actually useful in a wide variety of other applications as well, such as recreational areas and schools. 

Aesthetics matter in many of these additional applications. For example, an elementary school that looks like a military base from the outside might make parents and neighbors uncomfortable. Fortunately, security fencing is available in a wide variety of designs and configurations, making it customizable by application.

Tips and Features of Security Fencing

True security fencing features significant differences beyond traditional fencing. Security fencing is a barrier, specifically designed to keep unwanted persons off of a property. A quality security fencing solution should consider:

Fence Height

The taller a fence is, the more difficult it is to climb over. A tall fence also provides greater visual privacy, keeping your area secluded. With height in mind, it should be noted that horizontal bars are often necessary for structural support. When choosing a solution, be mindful of the placement and spacing of these bars. Avoid installing horizontal bars between knee and waist height; otherwise, you could create an inadvertent ladder along the side of your fence.

Fence Material

Expanded metal has become a choice material for security fencing solutions, as its width and durability will prevent the fence from being cut, pried open, or unraveled. During production, expanded metal is adjusted rather than reshaped, allowing the metal to maintain its full strength properties. 

Standard wire fencing often has significant gaps, making the wires easy to grab hold of, climb, or cut. The gaps in expanded metal solutions are typically ¾” or smaller, making it virtually impossible for an unwanted climber to maintain a foothold. In addition, the increased strength of safety fencing products allows it to be enhanced with barriers such as barbed wire, metal pickets, or spikes.

Points of Entry

Each point of entry for authorized personnel is also an opportunity for an intruder to slip through. The fewer access points your facility can reasonably maintain, the more secure it will be. Aside from trying to scale your fencing, intruders may gain access from underneath the security fencing.

As such, make sure to avoid large gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. Cementing in the support posts will provide greater stability and prevent the fence from being dug up or moved. Also keep in mind that during the installation of your security fencing, your property is vulnerable to trespassers. This is especially true for any blind spots created during installation; extra security should be on hand during that time.

Superior Visual-Barrier

You may need a security fence that not only protects your property, but also provides a visual barrier from prying eyes. Expanded metal mesh for security fences blocks lines of sight, maintaining the privacy your facility requires. This may be especially important for applications such as schools, prisons, and defense applications where interaction with random passersby should be controlled.

Low Maintenance

Safety fencing is an investment in your property. Seek a security fencing solution that allows you to create a low maintenance safety fence. Materials should hold up in the most extreme weather and should be selected based on their ability to resist corrosion and impacts. Find a security fencing solution that will last for a long time and actively resist efforts to tamper or damage it, and you’ll ultimately reduce your long-term security costs.

When selecting a security fencing solution, consider the application. Each facility will have unique specifications and security requirements, so find a vendor that offers a flexible and cost-effective solution that will meet all of your needs. 

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