Security Takes A New Shape


Robots and autonomous vehicles are not new to security efforts, with their biggest advantages usually stemming from an ability to monitor the building or area in question continually. As unlike their human counterparts, they don’t need bathrooms breaks or time-off for vacation, which offers time and cost savings.

Attempting to take these efficiencies to a new level is the GuardBot. The spherical robotic vehicle system was initially developed for missions on Mars, which contributes to its ability to traverse virtually any surface, regardless of sand, snow, slope or even water.

Additionally, GuardBot is outfitted with cameras and wireless transmission capabilities that allow for broadcasting the images it captures. GPS and embedded sensors also allow for advanced controls.

The design elements that make the GuardBot appealing for missions on distant planets, also make it an interesting option for a number of applications here on earth.

Advanced communication systems that include high-definition imagery transmission, encryption capability, mesh networking, and satellite interface means that in addition to providing high-end security surveillance, the GuardBot could become a unique way to cover sporting events, conduct research in remote areas, or even provide search and rescue data.

It’s sort of a hybrid GoPro with its own mode of transport.

From an engineering perspective, what makes the GuardBot unique is its patented drive-mechanism. The drive utilizes a battery-powered, motorized pendulum that propels the unit by changing its center of gravity.

This design allows for more fluid turning, as well as the ability to operate continuously for up to 25 hours on one charge in reaching speeds of up to 9 mph on land and 3 mph in water.

The vehicle can also vary in size from 5” to 7’ in accommodating applications that can benefit from carrying a payload.

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