Samsung’s Patent Might Mean Completely Wireless TVs Are Coming


We live in an increasingly wireless world, but that doesn’t mean we’ve yet been able to escape the parasitic villain that comes home with every piece of consumer electronics —and that, my friends, is the cord … just hanging there, all scrunchy and crooked, catching your eye when all you really want to do is get your $12 worth out of Netflix.

Well, Samsung might be coming closer to breaking us from the tyranny of the cord. Slash Gear recently reported on a patent filing that suggests the electronics giant is working on a TV that is completely wireless.

Last year, Samsung revealed its cord concept, which it’s calling “One Invisible Connection,” a single cable that supports both power and A/V, thus taking the once-jumbled mess behind your standard flat screen and making it much more streamlined.

But a new patent looks like it intends to take the cord cutting one step further, and it sounds like it will be similar to how you’re able to charge a cell phone on a portable charging pad — though, in this case, it appears that the tech would allow for some distance to be placed between the device and the charge.

According to a follow-up report from Gizmodo, “Samsung’s solution would still use coils of wire and electromagnetism to induce a current movement over short distances. The receiver would be mounted to the bottom of the TV, while a matching transmitter would be located a few feet below it.”

No doubt there are millions out there who would line up to streamline their view with this technology, but Slash Gear warns there are a few potential hurdles to overcome before this gets real. For one, “Few wireless charging technologies can actually support that kind of over the air power transmission.” Furthermore, both safety concerns and interference with other wireless processes could mean more development time.

We’ll just be here waiting patiently.

Image Credit: IEN

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