Nissan Recycles EV Batteries as Camping Trailer Chargers

Nissan Leaf car at electric charging station

Working to solve the issue of recyclability for the battery packs that power electric vehicles (EVs), Nissan recently unveiled Roam, a weather-resistant power pack about the size of a carry-on bag. These battery packs, which contain lithium-ion cells sourced from the company's first-generation Leaf vehicles, can be used for power when camping with Opus trailers. 

The product of a partnership between Nissan and Opus, the new packs can provide a storage capacity of 700Wh — typically enough power for about a week’s worth of use. Roam provides a pair of electrical outlets, four USB ports, and one USB-C port for keeping mobile devices and portable electronics charged. It can also be used to run the camping trailer’s mobile Wi-Fi router and Bluetooth sound system by providing power to the onboard, 12-volt battery.

According to Nissan, Roam is compatible with an available 400-watt solar panel that fully recharges the pack in two to four hours. If sunlight is not an option, the battery pack can be fully recharged by plugging it into a standard 230-volt outlet for about an hour. Roam will initially be rolled out in select European markets later this year. Pricing hasn’t yet been announced.


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