No Power, No Water, No Problem


Falling under the category of how do we not know more about this company and its product is the Off Grid Box.

Originally designed for use in economically depressed countries, for disaster relief, as a grid back-up, or for remote living, the Off Grid Box does exactly as its name implies – provide water and electricity in areas lacking an infrastructure capable of providing these.

A 12-panel array captures energy from the sun and converts it into an electrical current, which an integrated inverter converts to usable electricity. A lithium iron phosphate battery pack stores this electricity. As long as the sun is shining, the unit can produce up to 16 kWh per day, which is sufficient power to run a small home, but about half what an average American household consumes on a daily basis.

The roughly 200 square foot enclosure is also capable of capturing rain water or using water collected from local wells or lakes. A 400-gallon tank stores the water and uses electricity from the solar panels and battery pack to filter and sterilize the untreated water.  The unit is capable of filtering and cleaning up to 6,300 gallons per day or 260 gallons per hour.

Upgrades include additional production and storage capabilities, remote monitoring, an integrated heat pump, a drip irrigation unit, and salt water desalination.

The self-contained Off Grid Box is made of steel, weighs just over 2800 pounds when dry and, according to the company, is designed to be installed and maintained by untrained workers with a basic set of tools.

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