Mercedes Invented ‘Car Wash Mode’ and You’re Going to Want It


Last year, we brought you a story on a new headlight being developed by Mercedes-Benz that was being called “revolutionary.” And before you assume this a superlative, take a look at it – the Digital Light can identify pedestrians or even slippery conditions and provide alerts to the driver. Pretty cool stuff, in reality, for tech that you didn’t think you need.

Well, Mercedes is back with another feature that sounds a little silly at first, but rest assured that by the time we get done explaining it, you’re going to want it.

It’s called “car wash mode” and it’s being prepped as a standard feature for the 2020 GLS 7-passenger SUV – a luxury beaut with a yet-to-be-named price.

Anyone who is a regular user of the automatic car wash knows that the slim track and tight quarters can be fraught with peril.

Incidentally, car wash mode can be activated when you enter an automatic car wash and it immediately sets off a series of actions that make your carwash more effective and less risky. For one, the suspension lifts to the highest position, making it easier to drive into the wash and, also, offers a better angle for cleaning dirt in the wheel arches.

Your windows and sunroof automatically close because… well, there’s always one. And the side mirrors fold in.

The rain sensor pauses so your wipers don’t turn on, and a 360-degree camera activates to help to keep the driver from bumping into anything in those tight quarters.

As you exit and your speed exceeds 12 miles per hour, the setting deactivates automatically.

Look, we don’t want to take away from the tons of crazy innovation in automotive as it relates to safety and reliability. But it’s also nice when someone invents something so weirdly practical as car wash mode. Because protecting your mirrors and your face from the car wash is important too.

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