Lamborghini Leveraging AI for Driver's Ed


The quest to bring driverless cars to the mainstream has led automotive OEMs to invest vast amounts of time and resources in a technology that could enhance safety, save time, and improve the driving experience. All of this is predicated on the ability to remove human error from vehicle operation.

However, that might not be the only application for this technology. Exotic sports car designer and manufacturer Lamborghini is looking at how artificial intelligence and autonomous driving could essentially show owners of their 740-horsepower vehicles how to optimize all the incredible driving features of sports cars that can run between $200,000 - $600,000.

Lamborghini sees an opportunity to use robotic navigation as a way to teach people how to push their cars to the limit without crashing.

The thought is that the autonomous driving mode would be used to demonstrate driving actions such as when to accelerate or brake, how fast to take a corner, or how shifting gears at a certain time can improve handling. This education will allow drivers to get the most bang for their buck without putting the lives of passengers, other people, and the driver at risk.

But Lamborghini is not the only one taking this approach.

McLaren is also reportedly testing a program where owners would take their new sports cars on a race track, put them in autonomous mode, and have the embedded computer show them proper driving techniques.

This concept is also similar to the Guardian mode that Toyota is looking to implement in their vehicles, where a human can be in control, but the computer takes over if it senses danger.

Currently, Lamborghini doesn’t have a timeline for implementation or forecasts on costs, but I doubt the price tag is a primary concern.

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