Floating, Hurricane-Proof Houses Feature Hydraulics and Solar Power

Floating Homes

We humans can be pretty dense sometimes, but after a series of hurricanes battered residents on both sides of the Atlantic this fall, even we’re getting Mother Nature’s hint. These not-so-subtle reminders of who’s really running the planet led architect Koen Olthuis to develop a floating hurricane-proof home concept.

Rising sea levels mean we could continue to see more powerful storms like Harvey and Irma. And while floating structures are nothing new, these domiciles have been specifically designed to handle rising oceans and winds of up to 156 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane.

The structures feature a hydraulic system that allows it to rise more than 40 feet during a storm surge. Additionally, a series of rooftop solar panels enable it to function completely outside of the main power grid. A rainwater collection and filtration system help cover basic plumbing needs.

Currently, Olthuis and his team anticipate these hurricane-proof homes costing between $2 million and $3 million. The first prototype will debut in Miami later next year.

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