Flexible Batteries Inspired by Ninja Star Predecessor


Researchers from Binghamton University in New York have developed a stretchable battery that is made out of fabric. The design is powered by a new microbial fuel cell that could soon be used in wearable electronics.

The bacteria-powered bio-battery is the work of Assistant Professor Seokheun "Sean" Choi. You may remember him as the person who created paper-based bio batteries. He was also the one who made an origami ninja star that could power an LED for 20 minutes.

Choi's textile-based bio-batteries produce a similar amount of power as his ninja stars, but these designs can be twisted and stretched and yet still be capable of generating power. The microbial fuel cell that powers the bio-batteries can even be fueled by your sweat. Just think, in the near future, you can ditch the Fitbit, and your jeans will tell you how you're tracking in terms of steps.

According to Choi, the technology could be the key for people looking for flexible and stretchable electronics that are capable of collect information in real-time. Plus, battery-powered pants, I can’t ever see that going wrong.

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