EV Maker to Reveal ‘Adventure Vehicles’


Of the 17 million cars sold in the US 2017, the number that were purely electric was just south of 200,000. So why is it that every time you turn around we’re talking about another electric carmaker?

The raw numbers themselves are a bit deceiving when you consider the movement in this industry. EV sales jumped by 54% between 2016 and 2017, and Morgan Stanley predicted earlier this year that electrics would make up more than two-thirds of global car purchases by 2040.

So maybe that’s why major automakers and tech entrepreneurs alike are all scrambling to put R&D dollars towards this arena. But it’s not a quick process, and Detroit-based EV maker Rivian would be the first to tell you that, considering they’ve pretty worn a hole in the term “startup” after 10 years of pursuing the market.

But Rivian has been buoyed over its decade by $450 million in funding and a fresh angle on EVs, specifically to bring “the world’s first electric adventure vehicles.” These include a pickup truck and an SUV, both fully electric and both designed for customers that want a premium vehicle that is equipped for off-roading.

Built on its “skateboard” system – which the “extreme stealth” mode company first revealed a few months back, Rivian says it’s reimagined the truck and the SUV, turning “two of the most polluting vehicles on the road into the most considerate.”

The vehicles will offer 400+ mile range and will debut with some basic autonomous driving capabilities all atop a thin chassis that features the battery, braking, suspension, and cooling. The skateboard platform reportedly allows for the company’s two EVs to share 90% of the same components.

And in an effort to become a little less “extreme stealth,” Rivian has announced it will reveal both its truck and its SUV at the LA Auto Show, which kicks off late November. The company hopes to begin taking pre-orders and to have vehicles ready to ship by 2020.

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