Dyson May Enter Another New Market


There was a time when the name Dyson meant one thing: fancy bagless vacuums. But soon we were seeing consummate inventor James Dyson's name affixed to other, much more exciting, technology. Like... hand dryers.

If you can get past the fact that the Dyson Company is working on an electric car - yes, you heard that right - then you might also be on board with this new, novel product that Dyson is considering a "private project." 

The company has filed a patent in the UK for a portable, wearable air purifier, and sources tell Bloomberg it's got an added benefit: it features headphones too.

If you live in Minnesota, you probably don't see the mass appeal of something like a wearable air purifier, but in places like Asia that are plagued with smog, the consumer air purification market is hot. Dyson currently makes floor standing air purification devices, and it credits the Asia market for nearly doubling its revenue in the last two years.

So while it Dyson is still well within its wheelhouse with this purifier, the headphones component, says Bloomberg, would be a fairly big departure, pegging the company against a bunch of electronics giants like Apple and Beats.

It seems like a bold diversification strategy, but if Dyson's not afraid to take on Tesla and the Big 3, why not go head to head with Apple too?

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