Boeing Has a Backlog of 5,864 Airplanes


Boeing has a backlog of 5,864 airplanes. According to the company, the backlog represents about seven years of production work, which could boost the company's primary production facilities in Everett, Washington, Renton, Washington, and North Charleston, South Carolina.

This week, the company stated that it delivered 763 commercial airplanes in 2017. According to the company, that is more than any other manufacturer — a position they have held for six years now.

The company's backlog was boosted by 912 net orders, signaling strong demand for single and twin-aisle airplanes. According to the company's Orders and Deliveries website, the biggest customer in 2017 was "Unidentified Customer(s)," which accounted for 356 planes. The largest customer of record was flydubai, which ordered 176 of the company's 737s as part of a $27 billion deal at the Dubai Air Show in mid-November. That was followed by another 75 of the 737s ordered by Avolon Aerospace as part of an $11 billion deal signed around the same time.

The orders will help sustain the many direct and indirect jobs between the company's U.S. factories and the network of suppliers, particularly Boeing's footprint in Renton, Washington, which is where the company builds the 737 product line. Right now, they churn out 47 airplanes every month. 

As of March 2017, the company employed more than 70,500 people in Washington state alone. Of course, that doesn't account for the few hundred employees who were laid off last April.

The 912 orders that Boeing received in 2017 are valued at $134.8 billion.

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