Autonomous Vehicle Add-On for OEMs

Tire tracks on dirt road.

While the first thoughts of applying driverless technology tend to slant towards on-road cars, trucks, and semis, perhaps the greatest potential for this technology lies in the off-road and agricultural sectors. To this end, Danfoss Power Solutions recently unveiled the Danfoss Autonomous Vehicle Integration System, or DAVIS, as a platform that allows OEMs to add autonomous vehicle capabilities to off-highway machines.

Described as an “exploration project” for Danfoss, DAVIS is seen as a way for the company to build off of capabilities that they’ve already unveiled, such as remote-control steering. DAVIS integrates the company’s legacy knowledge of hydraulics, electronics, sensors and cloud-based command interfaces. More specific features of DAVIS will include:

  • Connectivity. DAVIS is connected to a cloud-based command interface for controls and data analytics. This connectivity allows for controlling the machine from anywhere and collecting data that could help improve uptime and productivity.
  • Localized algorithms that allow for the use of local maps in identifying drivable areas and evaluating local driving conditions.
  • Obstacle detection. Multiple sensors can detect stationary and active obstacles in the vehicle’s path, improving safety.
  • Sensor fusion. Multiple sensors combine global and local positioning data for a more accurate location reading.
  • Intelligent control. Multiple levels of machine control interface are provided through an easy-to-use PLUS+1 platform. This platform allows OEMs to leverage legacy Danfoss data in optimizing sensor integration. 
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