Airplane Banner at Ford HQ Begs for a GT


The economy is in good shape right now. But just how good?

The economy is so good that people are literally begging Ford for the chance to buy a half-million-dollar car.

Two years back, the automaker announced that it would be re-releasing the much-loved GT in a limited run of 500 vehicles. And in the style of premium automakers like Ferrari, Ford was reserving this small lot of vehicles for only specific buyers – not just any johnny-come-lately with a ton of cash, rather the right “brand ambassador.”

The teardrop shaped, carbon fiber GT is said to be the result of extensive design work using a wind tunnel. A 647-horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine had car enthusiasts salivating, especially after success at the LeMans racetrack.

After 500 GTs, Ford extended the production run to 1,000 and now has announced that it will add 350 more. The application process ran for November 8th to December 8th and asked interested parties to fill out a form using “creative videos” to help promote their chances.

One person, it appears, went a bit outside-the-box.

The Detroit News reported that someone either flew or hired a prop plane to zip by Ford’s headquarters with a banner, which read: Is a Ford GT in my Future? The newspaper said the conditions on December 3rd were hazy with snow flurries, creating low visibility.

So while it might have been challenging to fly, the message was still received at Ford corporate. Unfortunately for the GT-enthusiast, Ford NA product communications manager Michael Levine said that, though they saw the plane, the company really has no way to identify the person who sent the message. It encourages more applicants to, instead, use the online form and submit their videos – rather than initiate “high-flying stunts.”

So, wherever you are, banner person, good effort, but we hope you’ve also approached this via more traditional channels. Maybe include your contact info?

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