7 Reasons to Choose Glass Marker Boards

Businessman writing on glass marker board in office setting

Long gone are the days of using chalkboards or dry-erase boards to present information. Instead, sleek, easy-to-clean glass marker boards are being used in place of traditional boards in classrooms, conference rooms, locker rooms, and offices.

Like traditional dry-erase boards, glass marker boards allow users to write down information using specially formulated markers. Any writing or drawing done with these markers can then be easily wiped off the board when needed. Glass marker boards, however, have a much more modern look than dry-erase boards and offer several unique characteristics. For these reasons, glass boards are becoming more and more popular across a range of different settings.

Considering purchasing a glass marker board for your presentation space? Check out the key seven features and benefits listed below.

  1. Cleanliness — Glass marker boards are much easier to clean than traditional chalkboards. Because glass boards are nonporous, they don’t hold the markings made on them, eliminating the risk of stains or “ghost” marks. This makes glass marker boards much easier to wipe clean.
  2. Durability — Since they’re made from tempered glass, glass marker boards offer high durability. This means that they’re much less likely to break, and if they do break, they create much less mess and pose a much lower risk of harm. Plus, the frames used for glass marker boards are stronger than traditional boards, so you can be sure that your glass model is made to last.
  3. Aesthetic appeal — Glass marker boards provide a specific aesthetic appeal. While chalkboards often have a messy appearance after being erased and dry-erase boards are often left with marker stains or streaks, glass marker boards have a much cleaner appearance after being wiped clean. And the design of glass marker boards is modern and sleek, making them ideal for contemporary workspaces, adding both aesthetic and functional value. Glass boards are even available in different color glass, allowing for a very modern, stylish look.
  4. Versatility — With a variety of colors, sizes, and mounting options available, glass marker boards offer a great deal of versatility in terms of the settings and applications in which they can be used. Common applications for glass marker boards include classrooms, collaboration spaces in offices such as conference rooms or meeting areas, individual offices or cubicles, nursery schools, and any other business or space that needs to visually communicate information. Whether it’s a coach diagramming a play for a team, a restaurant kitchen sharing the daily specials with staff, a nursing facility writing down the daily activities for residents, or a venue writing down the name and location of a specific party, these boards serve as indispensable tools in a huge range of settings.
  5. Customizability — Glass boards aren’t one-size-fits-all. There are many customization options available to ensure your marker board fits your specific space. For example, these boards come in a wide range of colors to meet the design needs of a particular space or room. Glass marker boards can also be magnetized, allowing you to stick magnetized markers and erasers to the board without the fear of losing them. Versatile in construction, glass boards can be used in a freestanding frame, or they can be frameless and mounted on a wall. They also come in a wide range of sizes and dimensions to meet the space requirements of almost any setting. Some can even incorporate graphics or logos, creating an even more personalized look.
  6. Productivity — By providing a designated place for workers to share their thoughts and ideas, glass marker boards can help foster creativity and collaboration among workers. These boards are also a great place for listing assignments and planning projects.
  7. Longevity — Glass marker boards are designed for longevity. The use of tempered glass in their construction provides the high durability needed to withstand day-to-day use, year after year. In fact, they often last much longer than typical whiteboards. Plus, their sleek design and contemporary look are timeless, so these boards won’t look outdated anytime soon.

The Versatility of Glass Marker Boards

Glass marker boards offer many unique advantages over traditional chalkboards and whiteboards — in terms of construction, design, and functionality alike. Versatile, durable, stylish, and clean, these useful boards can give your collaboration space the boost it needs.



Image Credit: XiXinXing / Shutterstock.com

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