$2M Sports Car Nearly Impossible to Buy or Drive


In the automotive world McLaren is known for three things: speed, performance, and cost.

So it’s no surprise that the company’s recently unveiled Speedtail can hit speeds of over 240 mph, making it the fastest McLaren road model to date and that it costs somewhere around $2 million.

Despite the performance benefits and ridiculous price tag, perhaps the most unique feature of the vehicle will be its seating arrangement. The driver’s seat, like McLaren’s F1 model, will be in the middle of the front passenger compartment.

Whether it borrows the carbon-fiber body and gold-lined engine bay of the F1, is still to be determined.

What we do know about the hyper-GT Speedtail is that it will use a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain and V8 engine. It will also feature the iconic dihedral doors that open upward on a single hinge. According to McLaren, the benefits go beyond just a cool design but enhance the aerodynamics and overall performance of the vehicle.

It will also be a limited edition model – with only 106 Speedtails being made, and only 30 will be available in the U.S. All 106 have already been sold.

In addition to costing $2 million, these proud McLaren owners haven’t seen the actual car yet, and they won’t until a special event at the end of the year. For U.S. owners, their passion for these vehicles better run even deeper, as once they take receipt of their Speedtail, it will fall under the Show and Display rule.

This means the vehicle is allowed to sidestep a number of safety and emissions regulations, but it’s only allowed to be showed and displayed – it’s not street legal in the U.S. and can’t be driven for more than 2,500 miles annually.

I guess the owners of these vehicles have something in common with Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Where these vehicle owners go with their Speedtail – they probably won’t need roads.

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