ZPower Selects Texas Instruments for its First Battery Gas Gauge Solution for Silver Zinc Batteries

CAMARILLO, January 14, 2008 - ZPower, Inc., a leading global provider of silver-zinc, rechargeable battery technology for consumer electronic devices, has chosen Texas Instruments, a premier developer of analog, digital signal processing, RF and semiconductor technologies, as the company's first notebook battery gas gauge solution for silver zinc batteries. Based on the Texas Instrument's bq2084 battery management platform, the new solution will be part of all ZPower batteries as ZPower prepares for high volume production in mid-2008.

The silver-zinc notebook battery gas gauge solution performs the following:

Monitors and controls the charge and discharge of the silver-zinc battery Monitors the state of the charge of the battery Provides battery protection from fault conditions Communicates via SMBus with the notebook computer the status of the battery

"Texas Instruments is a market leader in notebook battery monitoring solutions," said Dr. Ross Dueber, President of ZPower, Inc. "As ZPower has worked diligently to advance the chemistry of batteries, Texas Instruments has done the same with battery monitoring solutions. Texas Instruments provides us with the best opportunity for compatibility with a wide range of OEMs and makes our battery an even more attractive power source for our customers." This first notebook battery gas gauge is the initial step toward the development of gas gauge solutions for other mobile applications such as cell phones. ZPower will use Texas Instruments when developing those solutions as well.

"Texas Instruments is very pleased to have been chosen as the development platform for a silver-zinc battery monitoring solution," said Garry Elder, Systems Engineering Manager of Battery Monitoring Solutions at Texas Instruments. "We're proud to play a role in the development of this innovative, new power source for mobile electronics."

ZPower batteries offer up to 40% more run time than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, ZPower(TM) batteries offer an inherently safe technology which features a water-based chemistry that is not flammable. The battery contains no lithium or flammable liquids and is therefore free from the problems of thermal runaway, fire and danger of explosion. ZPower(TM) batteries also offer consumers an environmentally friendly alternative. Over 90 percent of the primary elements used to produce the batteries can be recycled and re-used. The raw materials recovered in the recycling process of silver-zinc batteries are the same quality as those that went into the creation of the battery.

ZPower is initially working with Tier 1 notebook computer and cell phone manufacturers to provide an innovative new power source for next-generation mobile devices. At CES 2008, ZPower(TM) batteries were named among the "Top 5 Green Gadgets at CES" by TheDailyGreen.com. Also at CES this year, Dr. Dueber was selected as a panelist at a session called "The Top 10 Technologies You've Never Heard Of." The company was also recently named a "GoingGreen 100" winner by AlwaysOn.

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments designs and manufactures analog, digital signal processing and DLP® chip technologies that help customers develop products that matter. From affordable mobile phones that connect more people, to classroom projectors that support remote learning, to prosthetic devices that provide greater confidence, flexibility, and freedom - TI technology powers new ideas and inspires better solutions.

About ZPower, Inc.

ZPower, Inc. develops and produces high performance rechargeable silver-zinc batteries for mobile applications. The company currently holds 16 key patents on rechargeable silver-zinc batteries which offer 30% more energy density than current lithium-ion batteries. ZPower has strategic partnerships with, and venture investments from, Intel(TM) Corporation, OnPoint(TM) Technologies--a venture capital fund of the US Army, and PowerVentures--a large private equity group.

Contact Information:
Ross Dueber, Ph.D.
ZPower, Inc.

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For additional information visit www.zpowerbattery.com

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