Yield Improvement Testing

(Chicago, IL) Modern Process Equipment Corporation (MPE) is pleased to offer complimentary size reduction and yield improvement testing at our pilot plant in Chicago. Each test is specially configured for your application to determine the highest quality grind distribution and minimize the creation of "fines" (dust).

o Typical yield improvements range from 10-50% for dried food products, granola, inclusions, and spices.
o Typical yield improvements range from 10-50% for carbon products, hard resins, and friable polymers.
o Typical yield improvements range from 10-50% for extruded and compacted products.

Once your product is received at the Testing Facility, customized size reduction equipment is set up based on our experience with the product and our database of test results. Each of the three key variables affecting sizing quality is evaluated and testing equipment is custom-configured for the application from over 3,000 possible configurations.

Thereafter, MPE will send you a complete report illustrating the size distribution of your product as well as actual product samples for your review.

An extensive database of test results is available. Please contact MPE for an estimate of the yield improvements that may be possible with your product.

About MPE

Modern Process Equipment Corp. (MPE) is the world's leading manufacturer of precision particle reduction equipment. MPE has been supplying its customers with superior particle size reduction solutions for over forty years, earning the reputation as the place to go to improve product yields and reduce the generation of unwanted fines. MPE aspires to design and manufacture the most modern, innovative and highest quality equipment with the most responsive, practical and timely service possible. For more information about MPE's complete line of equipment, contact Modern Process Equipment, Inc. 3125 South Kolin Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623; call 773-254-3929; visit www.mpechicago.com.

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