XTech Launches AMC Faceplate Assemblies

A significant addition is made to XTech's growing family of ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Architecture) products.

RANDOLPH, Mass. - Advancing its tradition of offering superior-quality circuit board mounting solutions to the telecommunications and electronics industries, XTech, with headquarters in Randolph, Mass. and new facility in Xiamen, China today announced a significant addition to its growing family of ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Architecture) products.

XTech now is offering a total portfolio of AdvancedMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card or AMC) faceplate assemblies for integration with both mature ATCA and evolving MicroTCA* standards. XTech's systems-approach gives customers the unique ability to purchase complete, ready-to-install faceplates that attach to a circuit board without any, additional assembly.

"XTech's ongoing participation in the AMC and MicroTCA subcommittees of PICMG, combined with a nimble tooling strategy for all modalities, has uniquely positioned us to move our customers securely and seamlessly through the evolutionary cycles of these mechanical specifications, while consistently achieving world-class solutions to their product requirements," said Rick Winter, XTech Director of Sales and Marketing. "XTech's continued ability to provide customized solutions within the framework of industry standards has no parallel in the telecommunications sector."

XTech is supplying the full line of AMC form factors -- compact, midsize and full size -- in both single and double widths, and all manufactured with precise custom-configurable face geometries or as air baffle blanks. XTech's unique extruded aluminum AMC faceplates feature beveled entry flanges, anti-rollover curbing for EMI gasket stability, a 1.5MM (0.060") face area and a front label gallery for enhanced appearance. Also available is a complementary full line of stainless steel faceplates.

All XTech AMC faceplates are delivered completely assembled with EMI gaskets, a new profile specifically developed for AMC and MicroTCA applications. The AMC products also feature a robust die-cast Generation II hot swap latch and handle system together with XTech's own lightpipe and cast-housing assembly, which ensures superior light path separation and provides a secure interlocked assembly for seamless integration.

The XTech portfolio includes a growing complement of AMC blanks with air baffle deflection for MicroTCA shelves and ATCA carriers. XTech plans to introduce a twin-bay ATCA carrier for compact and full-size modules and a four-bay ATCA carrier for mid-size modules this summer.

*MicroTCA uses industry-standard AMCs to implement small form factor backplane-based systems for computing and communications. The specification allows for a highly scalable range of systems from simplex, low-cost systems to carrier-grade, high availability systems

About XTech
Headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts with offices worldwide, Extrusion Technology ("XTech"), is an innovative and leading manufacturer of mechanical solutions for circuit board mounting systems. XTech enclosures and front panels are used widely throughout the electronics, telecommunications, GPS, wireless equipment, and networking industries. XTech clients include many of the leading telecom OEMs, such as Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Marconi, Juniper Networks, Ciena, and others. Founded in 1945, XTech is privately held.

For further information, visit the company's web site at www.extrutech.com or call 781-963-7200.

Rick Winter
Director, Sales and Marketing
Extrusion Technology
781-963-7200, ext. 112

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