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Steinert Installs In-Line System to Extract Meatballs

COLOGNE, DE - Sorting equipment provider STEINERT proudly announces the successful installation of their first XSS®-F; an in-line system designed to extract copper (such as the so-called 'meatballs') from shredded ferrous scrap. Installed in-line at a German recycling yard, it is capable of processing high volumes of steel scrap directly out of the shredder.

The XSS®-F utilizes high speed X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology provided by Olympus Innov-X, allowing the separation of scrap based on the chemical composition. Olympus Innov-X has been pioneering automated XRF for years; but after the partnership with STEINERT began almost a year ago, things developed rapidly. Dr. Uwe Habich, CTO of STEINERT, says: "This installation in Germany is now the first one worldwide that is installed in-line and operating continuously. This is a huge step and STEINERT is excited about the opportunities for the industry and particularly for our customers."

The new sorting system features Olympus Innov-X's unique and proven X-Stream technology - a high speed X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) sensor unit capable of elemental analysis in milli-second time scales, engineered into an industrial grade system that has been the hallmark of other STEINERT sorting systems. Capable of a throughput of more than 100 tons per hour, the XSS®-F features a 2m belt width and an average end product containing <0.20% Cu.

The standard system model is composed of a conveyor-mounted spectrometer module, typically containing multiple tubes and detectors to provide the ability to detect and analyze every single piece of scrap material. In only a few milliseconds customer-defined sorting parameters will determine whether or not to divert that piece out of the main stream. Diverted material is ejected using STEINERT's high-powered compressed air valves.

About Innov-X Systems, Inc.

Innov-X Systems, founded in 2001, is a global leader in rapid, on-site XRF measurements. Innov-X extends the reach of XRF, providing real-time, non-destructive analysis where the answer is needed the most. This full suite of on-site XRF products from Innov-X provides high performance elemental analysis for Mg thru U, ppm to 100%. Innov-X Systems has the breadth of XRF experience and range of product offerings to provide field-hardened, high global service organization with worldwide operations, sales, and service. Headquartered in the U.S. with R&D and manufacturing facilities, they have offices in Europe and Asia. In addition, sales and service (including installation & training) is available in over 100 countries.


Founded in 1889, Steinert has long been recognized as the leader in magnetic separation technology. Over the last decade, Steinert has also become a leader in sensor sorting applications. Steinert provides electromagnetic drums, eddy current separators, and sorting systems based on induction, X-Ray, and near infrared. Today, STEINERT is the only full range industry supplier based on product range, expertise, and customer service. STEINERT provides full-service sales, support, and service across the globe. With Headquarters in Cologne, Germany Steinert and offices in the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.


Steinert US is the North American headquarters of STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH; the global leader in separation technology solutions for the scrap, waste, and mining industries. The company manufactures a complete line of magnetic and sensor sorting equipment designed to separate and recover a wide range of materials. Driven by innovation and focused on satisfaction, STEINERT combines over 120 years of superior technical expertise with world class customer service to deliver the most reliable machinery in the industry.

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