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New CANopen Stepper Motor Drive from Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products announces the CANopen option for the STAC6 Step Motor Drive, building on its increasing range of fieldbus compatible drives.

The STAC6 Step Motor Drive has proven itself in demanding applications, such as packaging and labeling machines, delivering up to up to 1400 oz-in with AMPs compatible range of low-loss, high performance step motors. STAC6 drives are rated at 6A for the 110V version and 3.2A with the 220VAC version.

Adding CANopen allows the drives to be controlled by a CANopen master utilizing the DS301 and DSP402 communications protocols and the CAN 2.0b Passive physical layer. STAC6 drives have 7 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 2 analog inputs, encoder feedback is standard.

All AMPs CANopen compatible drives include Q programmer, Applied Motions powerful motion control language. Q programs can be downloaded and stored on the drive and then using the CANopen network, users can access, modify and trigger Q programs.

More information on the STAC6 CANopen Drives can be viewed at-

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