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Boon Edam introduces Energy Savings Calculation Software

Save Energy, Save Money, Reduce CO2 emissions

Recognizing the relevance and increasing awareness of the world's environmental issues, and need for energy conservation, Royal Boon Edam Group has introduced its sophisticated Energy Savings Calculation Software.

The Group has a proud heritage of producing energy efficient products. For over 100 years, Boon Edam revolving doors have been helping conserving energy by reducing energy loss, and preventing drafts.

Many people are aware to an extent that revolving doors reduce drafts, but Boon Edam, having worked in close cooperation with the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, has achieved an important breakthrough in being able to quantify this energy saving benefit of revolving doors by developing Energy Savings Calculation Software.

The Energy Savings Calculation Software generates a building-, location-, and climatespecific analysis of the energy lost through the entrance of a building, comparing an entrance with a revolving door installation, and the same scenario with other door types. The calculation is based on the most decisive building criteria, such as building dimensions, orientation, air permeability and required ambient temperature. The analysis results include; Energy savings in kWh & CO2 kgs per month, analysis of draft prevention and pay-back calculation, highlighting the substantial difference revolving doors can make in the quest to save energy, save money and reduce CO2 emissions.

Boon Edam has further developed the Energy Savings Calculation Software following the increased interest in reliable energy savings calculation tools worldwide in recent years. An example of renowned parties to recognize the benefit of a revolving door is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA (MIT), encouraging people to use revolving doors instead of other door types, stating: A single person walking through a revolving door in February saves enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for 23 minutes.
(MIT Tech Talk - 26.09.07)

For Boon Edam's customers worldwide, the Energy Savings Calculation Software offers a scientifically correct manner to calculate the benefits for the environment in selecting the right type of entrance for a building in any given circumstance.
Interested? Contact energy@boonedam.nl to find out how much energy you can save on your building through the use of Revolving Doors.

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Dirk Groot - Product Manager Door Systems

Royal Boon Edam Group Holding B.V.

Tel. (+31) 0299 38 08 87

Email dg@boonedam.nl

Website www.boonedam.com

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