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Online News and Commentary Has Big Studio Look and Feel

Mahwah, NJ -- In today’s broadcast space, programming can be aired on conventional networks, through cable channels, over the Internet or stored in the cloud for viewing on mobile devices. But back in 2008, Los Angeles based PJTV, a division of PJ Media (PJM), was considered a pioneer for their business model of online news programming. From their 400 square foot studio in El Segundo, PJTV was able to create big studio style productions for the web using Telemetrics camera control systems.

The Telemetrics equipment is used in conjunction with the Orad Virtual Studio system in a green screen studio setting. In this limited space, the virtual set combined with the camera control systems has enabled creation of numerous types of productions that would previously only be possible in a full-sized studio with a full crew.

“This business model would not be possible without the Telemetrics camera control solutions,” said David Chung, Director, PJTV. “It’s an efficient and cost effective camera robotics and control system that ensures our production values are met.”

The studio is equipped with Panasonic HVX 500 cameras and Canon lenses, two of which are mounted on remotely controlled Telemetrics Televator® Elevating Pedestals with pan/tilt functionality. A third camera is mounted on the Telemetrics H-frame Elevating Wall Mount System, providing vertical and horizontal positioning to pan and tilt camera movement. The Wall Mount System also includes X-Z position encoders for use with a virtual set. A camera mounted on the H-frame can do wide sweeping shots and positional information is combined via the Telemetrics pan/tilt units and sent to the Orad Virtual Studio computer, making it appear as if the production was shot in a larger studio.

From the control room, a single operator is able to control all three cameras from a touchscreen panel using the Telemetrics CP-D-3A Remote Control Panel and CP-STSS Studio Control Software. The system enables the operator to call up pre-set shots and moves with preview, and when recalling a shot, all axes begin and end simultaneously which creates on-air quality moves. The camera controls are facilitated using a Telemetrics-designed control screen that emulates Panasonic’s camera operating panel and this too adds to the cost efficiency.

From their humble beginnings in 2008, PJTV has since added 2 studios in Washington, DC; the first one down the street from the Capitol building and the second at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, as well as in Knoxville, TN; Denver, CO,and Tel Aviv, Israel. PJTV's studios transmit high definition video via broadband to the main PJTV studio in Los Angeles.

“The Telemetrics camera control application at PJTV is an excellent example of the power of camera robotics to drive new levels of creativity and efficiency in broadcast production,” said Anthony Cuomo, President, Telemetrics, Inc. “It’s a proven tool for production regardless of how or where the content is aired.”

For more information on Telemetrics’ camera control systems call 201-848-9818, fax 201-848-9819, or visit www.telemetricsinc.com.  

About Telemetrics, Inc.

Telemetrics, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of camera control components and systems for broadcast, industrial, educational, medical and military applications. The company’s highly specialized line includes: camera robotics systems including programmable computer controlled pan/tilt mechanisms, weatherproof camera robotic systems, motorized camera trolley systems, advanced control software, and a wide variety of programmable controllers. Additional products include camera control systems through triax/coax/fiber cable, RF and fiber links and teleconferencing and distance learning systems.


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