Wulftec International Inc. Invests $1.5 Million in An Expansion Project

In November 2005, Mr. André Thibault, CEO of Wulftec International, had announced the injection of $1.5 million into its Ayer's Cliff plant in order to launch an important expansion project.

This amount announced the start of the construction of a new operations area of
26 000 sq. feet to the Ayer's Cliff plant, an addition which will bring the total surface area of the plant to 136 000 sq. feet. The project was divided in two phases: the construction of the addition which was completed by the end of December and the reorganization of the production line which is scheduled for completion at end of March. In the beginning of 2006, Wulftec® was able to shorten its delivery lead time and process a larger number of orders.

This expansion secures the 204 jobs at the Ayer's Cliff plant and will likely bring the creation of many new jobs in the medium and long term. In the course of the last 18 months, the number of employees working for Wulftec® went from 144 to 204. Thanks to this ambitious expansion project, Wulftec® ensures the maintenance of its competitive position on the market and particularly, remaining a world leader of stretch wrapping machinery.


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