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WorldLabel Launches Labels Ontime Inc for Thermal Barcode Labels Nationwide

Press release date: Jul 10, 2014

WorldLabel Holdings Inc., one of the largest suppliers of blank labels for laser and inkjet printers in the world, announced today the start of a new division called Labels Ontime Incorporated, which will offer roll and fan-folded labels for direct thermal and thermal transfer printers in all popular sizes, materials and colors. Thermal labels are now available on the website for online ordering. will stock over 150 sizes in four strategically located warehouses nationwide. All orders received before 3:00 pm will be shipped out the same day.

We created a modern website based on the basic concepts of making the design as clean as possible and as simple as possible for customers to buy online. The site is really crisp and easy to navigate so customers have a pleasant experience.

"Worldlabel became one of the largest online label stores for laser and inkjet printer labels by consistently making sure their customers get low priced quality labels delivered to them when they need them; and backing this up with excellent customer service. We saw a great opportunity to duplicate this success with thermal transfer and direct thermal labels on rolls and fan-folded," says Alex Choong, president of Worldlabel Holdings. "We always new that a huge percentage of our current laser and inkjet printer label customers are using Thermal Labels. In fact we have been supplying several customers for the last several months. So it made complete sense to expand into this market and make it as efficient as possible for customers to buy Thermal Labels from LabelsOntime."

Customers may now choose from over 150 standard roll and fan-folded label configurations in either paper direct thermal printable labels or for thermal transfer label printing. Customers can have the confidence that everything is in-stock and ships the same day. In addition, configurations are available on both the 1" and 3" cores for use in heavy industrial printers, as well as for mini desktop printers such as Zebra, Eltron, Sato, Intermec and Datamax. also offers custom roll and fan-folded manufacturing.

"We are ready to service the needs of thermal label users with in-stock same day shipping, very fast delivery times, and quality labels at factory direct prices" said Alex Choong. "Better yet, we are in a position to customize a label buying program molded exactly for a customer requirement."

The extensive product line of Thermal Transfer Labels is available on 3" cores, wound in and wound out, fan-folded, and removable adhesives. Also available is direct thermal labels on 1" and 3" cores as well as fan-folded. Zebra and Dymo compatible sized labels with cross reference numbers and a line of Thermal Wax Ribbons are also available.

Direct Thermal Labels use printers that require no ink, toner, or ribbon to apply print to the label surface. You cannot print in color using direct thermal labels. The most common applications for direct thermal fan-folded and on rolls are for bulk printing shipping labels and barcode labels.

Thermal Transfer Labels require a printer with thermal wax ribbons. A thermal print-head applies heat to the ribbon, which in turn melts ink on to the label surface to create the printed image. The most commonly used applications for Thermal Transfer printing include distribution, product identification, inventory and asset labeling, as well as bar code labels that need to last longer than six months.

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