World's Largest Mouldmaking Group Selects Delcam's PowerMILL

Delcam is pleased to announce that ARRK Corporation, the world's largest mouldmaking group, has chosen to use the PowerMILL CAM system to improve its machining productivity, especially for larger tooling, and to recommend the software to its subsidiary companies worldwide.

Delcam has entered into a contract with the ARRK group covering the supply of software and maintenance at all the company's sites worldwide. Delcam will continue its commitment to providing high-quality support to its existing customers within the group and has the opportunity to increase significantly the number of seats used within the organisation.

ARRK has been a pioneer in prototype manufacture and has grown steadily in Japan. Now its business is increasing globally and its subsidiaries and joint ventures can be seen in most major industrial countries. The result is that ARRK has become the largest mouldmaking group in the world.

Prior to this worldwide contract, Delcam had sold more than 150 seats to the ARRK group, making the company one of its largest customers. Before making its decision, ARRK further benchmarked and evaluated various Japanese CAM suppliers and choose Delcam's PowerMILL due to its strength in large-scale, multi-axis machining.

Regarding its decision-making process, ARRK said, "Since ARRK's business has delivery performance as a priority, we believe that accurate and prompt machining is an important factor in ensuring our customers' confidence and profitability. We were seeking a CAM system which is cost effective but still meets our requirements. Large-scale machining, in particular, requires accurate modelling ability and shortened calculation times as the most important factors. Moreover, it also requires an effective combination of manual and automated processes, plus accurate data translation. As a recent trend, we have been asked to machine not only from surface data but also from the polygon data in STL files. We were having difficulty in finding a CAM system which met all of these requirements."

"PowerMILL was originally introduced by our European group. We then evaluated the software in Japan and came to the conclusion that it met most of our requirements. We, therefore, plan to introduce the software into all our large-scale machining projects from now on."

Sandy Moffat, director of Delcam Japan commented, "It is a great honour that such a large company has chosen our software. ARRK's decision will reinforce the reputation of Delcam's software with prototype and mould makers throughout Japan and the world."

Peter Rawson of ARRK Europe confirmed, "Further developing our strong association with Delcam, not only in Europe, but worldwide, gives ARRK further strength in being first in effectively meeting the increasing needs of all ARRK customers across a the wide range of industries we serve. ARRK looks forward to working more closely with Delcam in the future."

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