World's First & Most Accurate 'Bulk Scan' RFID Keg & Cask Tracking System Installed at Carlsberg UK

The Kegspertise container tracking system, believed to be the very first of its kind, was installed at Carlsberg UK over 12 months ago. It is over 99% accurate and provides game-changing actionable data.

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire – Kegspertise, the West Yorkshire based container tracking solution provider, announced today that Carlsberg UK were seeing many genuine current and future benefits from the Kegspertise RFID keg and cask management solution. A full case study can be viewed online in the coming weeks.

At the moment the company are using the solution to track 10% of their beer kegs and 100% of their cider fleet, currently 80,000 assets. Due to its accuracy and success, Carlsberg UK is also rolling out the solution further within the fleet, with all new containers now being pre-fitted with an RFID tag.

Assets are initially tracked from pre-fill via readers on the keg filling line which is also used to facilitate automated rejection of beer kegs when filling cider and vice versa. A leading edge unique bulk RFID portal, developed by Kegspertise, is installed at the strategic store level and this scans the container as it returns. The information is transmitted in real-time to the Kegspertise reporting system which includes full analytics such as fill to fill cycle time, fill to return cycle time, container population and loss rates.

The system is currently providing many genuine cost-saving benefits, with more to come as further data is gathered over time. Firstly it enables Carlsberg UK to accurately view the time it takes for a container to return to the strategic store, ready for reuse, after it has been filled and distributed. It also provides data on when the container is next filled. These two factors alone enable Brewers to plan their production around the availability of empty containers, or vice versa, meaning that Carlsberg UK will be able to determine, justify or avoid the purchase or new costly (65-70 EUR) containers. Secondly the solution provides the most accurate view of actual container population on the market; this means that Carlsberg UK can be confident that their asset register is accurate. Finally, a detailed understanding of container loss rate (a real problem in the brewing industry) can be understood with detail and accuracy.

Neil Harrison, Head of Primary Logistics, Carlsberg UK said:

“Carlsberg UK is striving to be the UK’s best beer and beverage business with a focus on innovation and efficiency. Our containers are a costly and valuable resource and we needed an accurate solution that would improve our ability to manage them. Kegspertise have provided a robust, reliable, and importantly scalable RFID solution. The system provides plentiful and accurate data which we will continue to build on in the future. Kegspertise was excellent at ensuring the solution would complement our existing barcode system which we are now gradually migrating to RFID. I believe we are the first major brewer that has taken this step and we do not regret it.”

Andy Dorr, Kegspertise Managing Director said:

“Clients who are considering RFID as an option to manage their asset fleets want to be completely assured that they are investing in technology that is accurate, proven, scalable and offers return on investment. The Kegspertise solution performs at this extremely high level and has continued to do so since it was initially deployed. The robustness of the technology is providing clients with information that is immediately offering value. This value only increases over time. We say to all of our clients - if you are thinking about RFID to track your beer keg fleet, now is a good time to deploy with 100% confidence.”

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