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Workshop will showcase NIST microfluidics technologies.

Press Release Summary:

Sep 20, 2007 - In cooperation with MIT Enterprise Forum(TM) and TEDCO, NIST will host technology transfer workshop on Oct 9, 2007 at NRECA Conference Center in Ballston, Va. Various presentations by NIST will include building microstructures with light, creating fluidic arrays, microfluidic mixing and flow, temperature gradient mixing, surface immobilization of biopolymers, and uniform assembly of nanoliposomes.

National Institute of Standards & Technology - Gaithersburg, MD

Original Press Release

Tech Transfer Event to Showcase NIST Microfluidics Technologies

Press release date: Sep 13, 2007

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in cooperation with the MIT Enterprise Forum(TM) and TEDCO, will host a technology transfer workshop on Oct. 9, 2007, to showcase several of the agency's microfluidics technologies that have potential for commercial development. The evening meeting will be held at the NRECA Conference Center in Ballston, Va.

Microfluidics is a key technology underlying the development of highly miniaturized "labs on a chip" that have shown promise for enabling rapid, low-cost biochemical analysis and diagnostics. NIST, which has pursued an active research program in microfluidics for several years, will offer presentations on several of its technologies, including:

Building microstructures with light Creating fluidic arrays Microfluidic mixing and flow Temperature gradient mixing Surface immobilization of biopolymers Uniform assembly of nanoliposomes

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