With The Fastest Lead Time in The Industry, Caster Concepts Manufactures The Widest Selection of Caster Accessories and Replacement Parts on The Market

Albion, MI – When most companies look to reduce their product lines to accelerate production, Caster Concepts Inc. instead offers the widest range of caster accessories and replacement parts available.

Years of honing the caster manufacturing process has improved production to the point where Caster Concepts’ custom orders are at or near standard caster pricing. What takes competitors weeks to produce takes the Caster Concepts manufacturing team days to turn around.

That speed and efficiency power the fastest lead time in the industry.

“Our turnaround time is impressive, yet speed isn’t the only goal,” said Bill Dobbins, president of Caster Concepts. “Our niche is made-to-order products, and by streamlining our production and investing in the latest machinery, we empower our workers to build better and more.”

Caster Concepts recently installed a vapor degreaser to improve urethane wheels’ cleaning and bond strengthening. Enhanced ERP scheduling instantly links the company’s shop floor to orders. In addition, a $2 million, 16,000-square-foot expansion at its Albion headquarters will accommodate a more extensive engineering department, additional floor space for product development and testing, and room for recent business acquisitions. Caster Concepts also plans additional truck docks for increased orders and deliveries, more office space, and a larger manufacturing work area and employee facilities.

The company’s broad selection of caster options and replacement parts remains unmatched. (Download our product sheet)


For heavy-duty applications, Caster Concepts' brakes not only slow and stop a cart, but they also prevent them from moving unexpectedly. They play a crucial role in preventing damage to the product and injury to employees. Watch our brakes in action.

  • Cram Brake
  • Dual-Side Brake
  • Face-Contact Brake
  • Pneumatic Poly Cam Brake 
  • Poly Lock
  • Wraparound Brake
  • Single-Side Brake

Swivel Locks

These locks offer operators safety, flexibility and ease of use. Watch them in action

  • T-Handle Vertical Lock
  • Drop-Pin Vertical Lock
  • Poly Handle Lock
  • Cable-Actuated Lock
  • Counterweight Lock
  • Passive Lock
  • Left & Right Pin Pull Handle Lock
  • Heavy-Duty Swivel Lock
  • Demountable Swivel Lock
  • Heavy-Duty Demountable Swivel Lock
  • Foot-Actuated Swivel Lock
  • Factory-Installed Swivel Lock
  • Vertical-Mounted Swivel Lock

Track Wipers

Track wipers clear debris that could impede a wheel’s movement on a track and steering tubes. Any impediment increases the physical strain on manual-cart operators, increasing the chances of work-related injuries.

  • Poly (standard)
  • Brush Style
  • Poly Spring Loaded
  • Floating
  • All Around

All Options

Caster Concepts stocks a wide range of standard and custom accessories and replacement parts designed to offer benefits such as preventing operator strain and injury, making a cart easier to move and increasing the life of a caster.

  • Bolt-Only Poly Toe
  • Caster Toe Guards
  • Threaded Zerks
  • Track Brush Wiper
  • Sealed Wheels
  • Caster steering Tubes
  • Angle Reinforced Legs
  • Heat-Treated Raceways

Replacement Parts

We’re a one-stop shop for a wide selection of replacement parts that ensure our wheels and casters function at the optimal level.

About Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts designs and builds industrial heavy-duty casters and wheels for virtually any application. Companies rely on Caster Concepts to help them increase productivity and reduce the risk of worker injury in heavy-duty applications. Our high-capacity casters feature load ratings that range from 300 pounds to over 100,000 pounds. At Caster Concepts, we also manufacture wheels to withstand impact, corrosion, temperature extremes and chemicals found in harsh industrial environments. Caster Concepts is ISO 9001-2015 certified and offers one of the industry’s shortest lead times, making it the premier choice for many industries. The company was awarded the 2022 Corporate Impact Award by the state of Michigan. Visit casterconcepts.com.

Connect with us online: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: @casterconcepts

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