With Delivery of Its 10,000th Non-Metallic Polymer Concrete Baseplate, Basetek® LLC Achieves Industry Milestone

NEWBURY, Ohio - In less than a decade, BaseTek® has achieved a milestone in the pump and rotating equipment industry: delivery of its 10,000th non-metallic polymer concrete baseplate.

"The delivery of our 10,000th baseplate symbolizes the steady growth of our company since its founding in 2001," Scott Sapita and Tim Marklay, BaseTek business partners, said. "It means our customers continue to see the value in polymer composite baseplates and choose us as a quality leader in the industry."

The company markets PoxyBase® baseplates constructed of Zanite®, featuring significant advantages over other polymer bases and conventional steel designs. These include:

o BaseTek PoxyBase has an unmatched surface flatness of 0.002"/ft.

o With a PoxyBase baseplate, equipment is easier and quicker to install.

o PoxyBase reduces vibration and is extremely corrosion resistant.

o When mounted on a PoxyBase foundation, equipment lasts longer and performs more efficiently. As a result, maintenance costs are reduced.

"The 10,000th casting is a model C-127", Sapita and Marklay said. "To mark the occasion, the product will be prominently displayed in the company's sales office located in Springboro, Ohio".

The model C-127 is special to Sapita and Marklay. "At just 115 pounds, it's one of the smallest Zanite bases we make," they said. "Even though most of our castings are over 400 lbs., this Model C-127 base is the first size we built when we started out."

Zanite gives the BaseTek PoxyBase brand a competitive edge: an exacting surface tolerance of 0.002"/ft.; significant vibration damping; thermal stability; and superior corrosion resistance. Zanite is a proprietary polymer concrete material that is a blend of pure silicon dioxide, ceramic quartz aggregate and high-strength epoxy resins.

BaseTek is a market leader known for quality non-metallic polymer bases for the pump and rotating equipment industry. The company also specializes in the design and building of polymer composite machine tool bases and filled weldments using Zanite.

BaseTek purchased a segment of its original casting supplier's operation and relocated it last year to a new, 12,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Newbury, Ohio outside Cleveland. A fully integrated operation, its staff of industry experts has more than 25 years of casting experience.

With its balanced vertical integration, BaseTek has the in-house capacity to efficiently design, manufacture or match the size and shape of most industry applications. Its computer-controlled batch-mixing systems, precision tooling, and CMM inspection ensure consistent quality and reliable castings.

For more information contact BaseTek at 877.712.2273 or visit www.basetek.com


Scott Sapita, Partner

BaseTek®, LLC



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