Wireless Temperature Monitor for Fresh Flower Storage

Accsense Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarming System

CHESTERLAND OH - Fresh flower suppliers using cold storage need an accurate temperature monitoring and alarming solution to monitor their extremely temperature-sensitive product. Following harvesting, fresh flowers need to be maintained at near- freezing temperatures, yet can't be allowed to actually freeze or they will show visible damage and also disrupt the supply chain flow, causing a subsequent loss of reputation. Continuous temperature recording in cold storage can help significantly in preventing losses; customers need a cost-effective wireless monitoring system that can send all the temperature data online for easy storage and analysis and send alarms via voice, text or email. Accsense A1-13 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers form a hassle-free solution. These sensor pods can be placed in packing rooms and in coolers, where each uses an ambient temperature sensor to detect a broad temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (158°F). This Accsense system is specifically designed to connect to three RTD 100 Ohm sensor inputs, increasing in the amount of sensors per pod and reducing users' cost per measurement.

These wireless data loggers range out to 90' indoors for good individual coverage in cooler interiors, operating on either battery or AC power. An Accsense B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet makes the online data easily accessible, with diagnostic LEDs giving clear indication of power, wireless status, and more. Each wireless gateway can support up to 16 sensor pods, which have the ability to act as Repeaters, improving the wireless range even further. This model also features two digital inputs and can easily be connected to a wide range of digital sensors, for example to setup additional alarms when doors are opened too often.

The B1-06 gateway sends all of the data to either the Rackspace secure servers or as a local ASCII stream, which suppliers can incorporate into their own custom software including LabView. Custom-made Accsense graphs can show a high-temperature alarm period or present the data in other ways. With a premium subscription, the secure servers also send out voice, text or email alerts to inform suppliers and authorized staff when a temperature reading suddenly falls out of range. Data sent online can be quickly downloaded as a CSV file and loaded into most database applications.

Floral suppliers can realize several advantages from installing the Accsense wireless temperature system in their cold storage. The new wireless system is cost- and time-effective compared to taking manual temperature recordings, since automated monitoring is far less expensive and much more accurate. Personnel can also set the system's warning limits for a narrower temperature range if required. For example, a typical setting for cut flowers might be for every 10 minutes, with the trigger filter set to require 3 data points in a consecutive order to be out of preset limits before an alarm is triggered. If desired, the alarms generated by the system can be sent to customized phone or email lists. The Accsense system's many programmable features also increase overall versatility in alarm settings--for example, the wireless system can check for alarms at different intervals than those used to record the data.

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