Wireless Musical Chimes Operate up to 500 Feet

July 25, 2017 - Solve the problem of having to run wires with STI’s commercial grade Wireless Musical Chimes. Quick and easy to install, they require no electrical wiring and no expensive through-the-wall drilling.

All units offer an exceptional operating range of up to 500 feet between transmitter and receiver - making it the longest range plugin chime in the industry. Select one of ten sounds (with multiple volume levels) with the push of a button.

Because they are compatible, numerous transmitters can link to the same receiver. Distinguish between front and back doors by selecting a different sound on each. UL/cUL Listed, FCC Certified, 433 MHz.

Four models are available:

STI-3350 - Wireless Doorbell Chime with Receiver (can also be used as a receptionist call button or for a loved one needing assistance)

STI-3360 - Wireless Entry Alert® Chime with Receiver (for doors, windows, cabinets, etc.)

STI-3610 Wireless Motion-Activated Chime with Receiver

STI-3300 - Wireless Doorbell Extender with Receiver

For more information on STI Wireless Chimes or the entire Stopper® Line,

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