Winterize Weather Guide - It's all about preparation!

Master Fire Prevention has innovative tips and best practices for your business to consider when winterizing.

With temperatures falling into single digits and the transformation of snow into ice, it’s imperative that business owners stay savvy about severe weather and the woes that come with it. From bursting pipes, loss of electricity and sick employees, employers need to be proactive and prepared to keep business moving and prevent winter-related problems from infringing on your day-to-day business.

Here are several tips and best practices for your business to consider:

Winterize: Ensure pipes and windows are weather-tight. Clear drains. Get extra supplies and a backup generator.

Assess Contingencies:

• Prepare and maintain a list of people who can respond to cold weather problems. This list should include (at minimum) a reliable plumber and contractor such as Master Fire Prevention.

• Make arrangements for snow removal to clear the premises and access roads around your business (can we say, Boston!)

• Implement a plan in case your business has weather-related cancellations or delays.

Inventory: Conduct a thorough inventory checklist of all tools and appliances

Did you know that when there’s snow, there’s…fire?

Manhole explosions are possible side effects of treating roads covered in snow and ice. Wherever there are manholes, explosions can happen, and winter weather is often to blame. Crews have responded to at least 300 manhole fires in New York City alone since last week's snowstorm, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

Manhole covers can weigh as much as 300 pounds and can cause severe injuries. Recent explosions forced the evacuation of several apartment buildings, while another manhole fire consumed a car. To ensure that your business continues to operate smoothly during this deep freeze, call on the experts at Master Fire Prevention for a free estimate (866-728-6424.) Their highly skilled service team will assess your fire protection service needs and discuss your options with you.

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