Wilcoxon Research Measurement Products Now Sold with Meggitt's Endevco Product Line

Germantown, MD -- Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research measurement products, a high quality line of accelerometers, shakers and vibration equipment, are now sold through the Meggitt Sensing Systems facility in San Juan Capistrano, California, USA. The Wilcoxon Research products, along with Endevco® and Sensorex measurement products, will be sold by Meggitt Sensing Systems leading experts in the test and measurement field.

The Wilcoxon Research line of measurement products is focused on accelerometers and shakers. Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric accelerometers are IEPE powered and ideal for general purpose or seismic measurements on a wide range of machinery and test apparatus. A variety of sensitivities to choose from and low noise floors make these sensors appropriate for many applications such as modal and structural testing, high frequency monitoring of equipment with small bearings, high-speed machine tool spindles, harmonic activity of gear mesh frequencies, structural monitoring, vibration isolation verification, and seismic measurements.

Shakers for modal analysis and natural frequency identification can be utilized to design products to minimize stress and fatigue. Wilcoxon Research electromagnetic shakers excite primarily at low frequencies to measure components such as first bending mode of air frames and ship hulls. Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric shakers excite at high frequencies above the acoustic range where materials, such as semiconductor components and high strength metals, start to break apart.

Acoustic sensors, including hydrophones and leak detectors, will also be sold through San Juan Capistrano. Wilcoxon Research hydrophones are built to withstand the rigors of continuous underwater exposure, in both sea water and fresh water environments. Each hydrophone uses piezoelectric crystals with a built-in electronic amplifier, to boost the low level signal of underwater pressure waves. Wilcoxon Research leak detection hydrophones are used to "listen" to the sounds of leaks in piping, in situ.

"Meggitt Sensing Systems' San Juan Capistrano office has long been the home of the widely respected Endevco® product line, and a powerhouse of test and measurement expertise," says Tom Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wilcoxon Research products. "The Wilcoxon Research products that will now be sold under the same umbrella are very complimentary - a natural fit for the San Juan Capistrano team and customers alike." Cables, mounting accessories, and power and signal conditioning units to support all of the Wilcoxon Research accelerometers, shakers, and hydrophones will also be sold through the San Juan Capistrano office, to provide customers with one Meggitt Sensing Systems location for all of their test and measurement needs.

The Wilcoxon Research measurement line, as well as the Endevco® line and all of the test and measurement products available from Meggitt Sensing Systems, are available in a catalog which can be downloaded from www.endevco.com/resources/Catalog.aspx. To learn more about Wilcoxon Research measurement sensors, visit www.wilcoxon.com/vi_index.cfm?CatM_ID=2 and to learn more about Wilcoxon Research shakers visit www.wilcoxon.com/vi_index.cfm?CatS_ID=16&comp=y&CFID=2026182&CFTOKEN=12124545 or call the San Juan Capistrano facility directly at +1 949 493 8181. To learn more about Wilcoxon Research, or the pledge of Total Lower Cost of Ownership, visit www.wilcoxon.com, call 800-WILCOXON, or email wilcoxon@meggitt.com. To learn more about Meggitt Sensing Systems, visit www.meggittsensingsystems.com.

For further information contact:

Meggitt Sensing Systems - Wilcoxon Research

Courtney Schlapo, Marketing Communications

281 213 8238, courtney.schlapo@meggitt.com

Meggitt Sensing Systems a Meggitt group division, is a leading supplier of sensing and monitoring systems measuring physical parameters in extreme environments. Meggitt Sensing Systems has operated through its antecedents since 1927 under the names of Endevco, ECET, Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Sensorex, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon Research, aligning some of the world's notable companies in the sensing industry with related products, services and applications. Today their capabilities and facilities are integrated under one business unit called Meggitt Sensing Systems, headquartered in Switzerland and providing complete systems with these renowned product brands, from a single supply base. Meggitt Sensing Systems designs and manufactures the Wilcoxon Research product line of vibration sensors at its facility in Germantown, Maryland, USA. For more information, visit www.wilcoxon.com or www.meggittsensingsystems.com

Meggitt PLC Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meggitt PLC is an international group operating in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for its specialised extreme environment engineering, Meggitt is a world leader in aerospace equipment, sensing systems, defence training and combat support products and systems. www.meggitt.com

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