WIKA Mobile Control Offers Regional Service Training Courses

WIKA Mobile Control, LP (formerly Hirschmann / PAT), a leading supplier of crane operator aids, including load moment indicators (LMI), has released a new regional service training schedule for 2019.

WIKA Mobile Control’s new service training courses feature classroom training along with actual hands-on experience using system simulators. The courses include system theory, sensor calibration, wiring, hands-on troubleshooting and troubleshooting CAN Bus error codes. Course materials include an increased number of visuals, hands-on learning activities, and classroom interaction. The courses are structured to meet the requirements of mechanics and operators regardless of their level of experience.

Each training course is taught by WIKA Mobile Control industry experts who understand the theory and application of each system. The instructor brings experience gained through troubleshooting systems in the field and offer proven techniques to quickly and effectively troubleshoot system components.

The 2019 regional training schedule features six (6) three-day course’s held at various locations across the US:

April 2019 – Chambersburg, PA
May 2019 – Harrisburg, PA
May 2019 – Atlanta, GA
June 2019 – Chicago, IL
Sept / Oct 2019 – Las Vegas, NV
Oct / Dec 2019 – San Antonio, TX

Each course will cover current OEM’s and aftermarket WMC products in the field including the new qSCALE Ix and cSCALE indicators. In addition to the scheduled training dates above, courses can also be structured for companies at their facilities to meet specific requirements.

For more information or to sign up for a service training class, please contact sarah.nell@wika.com.

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