Widest Range of Bottle Cap Configurations Yields Safe, Cost-Effective Liquid Handling Solutions for Laboratories and Instrument Manufacturers

Boonton, NJ: Responding to a need by laboratories for maximizing security and safety when handling liquid transfer operations, Bio-Chem Valve and Omnifit offer the widest range of bottle cap configurations for the safe containment of volatile vapors and transfer of chemicals.

The broad range of bottle caps fits securely onto GL32, 38-430 and GL45 glass solvent reservoir bottles. A solid PTFE body provides the highest chemical inertness and seal reliability without requiring any extra seals or 'O'-rings. A simple screw-on connection to the bottle is all that is required to install the cap.

An anti-twist feature permits the connection platform to spin freely within the cap so that tubes will not twist or become tangled during use or when the cap is unscrewed.

Since liquid is removed by applying either pressure or vacuum to one of the ports, the selection of cap and configuration of ports is made to coincide with the desired extraction method.

The Omnifit 'T' series cap offers the simplest combined port configuration requiring no fittings-allowing either a male luer or 1/8" hard wall tube to be pushed into a port. An integral one-way check valve and inlet filter prevents solvent vapors from escaping into the work environment and eliminates the possibility of ambient debris contaminating the liquid. A choice of 2, 3 and 4 ports is offered with or without a check valve and filter system.

For greater versatility, the 'C' series connector cap, available with or without valves, accommodates 1/8" OD hard wall tubing connected directly into the cap using supplied PTFE cones, or hard wall tubing between 0.5mm and 4 mm OD using Viton® 'O'-rings or PTFE cones.

The 'Q' series, also with or without valves, features stainless steel thread inserts for robust repeat connect/disconnect assemblies. 'Q' series caps connect tubing via ¼"-28 ports and fitting nuts.

For more information, contact Gary Gaetano, Bio-Chem Valve Inc. and Omnifit Ltd; 85 Fulton Street; Boonton, NJ 07005; (973) 263-3001;

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