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Wide Beam LED Channel Module Offers Excellent Backlighting Capabilities

Press release date: Dec 01, 2016

PACOIMA, CA (December 1, 2016) – JKL model ZM-3537-CW is a 160° LED module that operates on 12VDC. The module was developed specifically for backlighting shallow sign boxes and is excellently suited for both new construction and retrofit projects. The incorporated lens provides uniform light distribution that prevents hotspots and shadows – a frequent challenge when trying to illuminate shallow channel letters and sign boxes.

An individual module of the ZM-3537-CW consumes 1 Watt with 100 lumens output. The LED modules are provided in 30 module strands with a 7.87” pitch for a total strand length of 19.68 feet. The wide-beam ZM-3537-CW is rated IP67 for water resistance and UL approved with a five year warranty. Technical drawings of the ZM-3537-CW are available on JKL’s website.

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Established 1972, JKL Components Corporation offers quality lighting solutions utilizing a wide variety of lighting technologies, including LED, incandescent, fluorescent, ultraviolet and gas-filled lighting. JKL is registered ISO-9001.

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