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Whitney Tool Company, Bedford, IN, a leading manufacturer of cutting tools, recently took a leadership position in the manufacture of de-burring tools through the acquisition of Cogsdill Enterprises. Cogsdill is the developer and patent holder of the Burr-Zit tool. Burr-Zit is the original clothespin type de-burring tool that can de-burr both sides of a drilled, punched or reamed hole in one operation, even when only one side is accessible.

Burr-Zit tools are constructed from a single piece of high quality M-2, high speed cutting steel. Users can de-burr up to five thousand holes per grind with approximately 6 to 20 grinds per tool, depending on size for unmatched performance and economy.

Whitney is recognized as a leading manufacturer of Woodruff style slotting and keyseat milling cutters, counterbores, counterbore pilots, T-slot, dovetail and other specialty milling cutters, as well as combined drills and countersinks.

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