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Whitford Ltd. Buys New Facility to Meet Growing Customer Demands

Press release date: Nov 06, 2012

Runcorn, UK. Whitford, makers of the world's largest, most com- plete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has moved its UK facility to a larger property to ac- commodate growth over the past years, as well as to provide room for continued expansion.

Whitford Ltd.'s new building is located only a few hundred meters from the old facil- ity, but boasts many improvements. The new site offers 78,000 sq ft (7,250 m2) of total space; twice that of the old building. The manufacturing space is 70% larger. The labo- ratory has 90% more space, and the office area has doubled.

Whitford has also made significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment in the new laboratory and quality-control areas. Additionally, extra space in the manufacturing area allows for improved efficiency, influenced by Lean Manufacturing Principles and a Kaizen culture. Updated stock-control systems have been developed to meet demand- ing (and growing) customer delivery expectations.

Says Martin Garnett, Managing Director of Whitford Ltd.: "With the additional space and new systems we have in place, our efficiency should increase significantly. It's a great step forward for us."

Adds Dave Willis, founder and president of Whitford: "The new facility reflects the good work Whitford Ltd. has done and continues to do. Here's to more of the same!"

For more information on Whitford and its new home in the UK, visit, or contact the address below.