What Is So Cool About Manufacturing?

Recently, a group of middle school students visited American Crane & Equipment Corporation as part of a student video contest called "What's So Cool About Manufacturing?” The contest is part of a program (created by The Manufacturers Resource Center) called "Dream It Do It PA". This program was created to introduce students to exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics/Manufacturing) career opportunities with local manufacturers.

DOUGLASSVILLE, PA (PRWEB) DECEMBER 01, 2016 On Tuesday, November 9, 2016, a group of Daniel Boone Middle School girls came to American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) with a GoPro camera and a list of questions. The purpose of their visit was to collect information to produce a video that will be entered into a contest entitled: “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” This group of five students was one of 17 groups representing middle schoolers throughout several local counties. Each group of middle school students was assigned to visit a local manufacturing company where they filmed video and gathered data about the different aspects of manufacturing. The students’ goal was to explain why manufacturing is so cool.

The girls began gathering information for their video with a “divide and conquer” strategy. They assigned each member of their group a different task. Seventh grader Amy was chosen to be the interviewer for the video. After agreeing upon the interview questions, Amy visited several employees at American Crane and asked them about their thoughts on why manufacturing is cool. She interviewed shippers, maintenance managers, engineers, and even the executive vice president of the company. Amy asked these employees questions like, “What is a normal day like for you?” and “What is your favorite part of manufacturing?” All the questions referred to the general theme of the contest which highlights the many career opportunities manufacturing offers.

Seventh grader Sarah followed the group with the GoPro camera as the students toured the facility, meeting many employees along the way. Sarah’s classmate, Melody, set up the microphone for the interviews and was responsible for recording the audio while Sarah filmed the video. After the footage is compiled, seventh grader Kylie will edit the video clips to make one complete short film. Lastly, the only eighth grader of the group, Mya, played the role of producer and assistant editor for the project.

The group successfully filmed many phases of manufacturing at the American Crane and Equipment Corporation facility and learned a lot about material handling equipment in the process. The girls even had the opportunity to operate two different 50 ton overhead bridge cranes with the supervision of a maintenance technician at American Crane. The visit to American Crane proved to be a very educational experience for this group of middle schoolers. The girls collected content for their video/contest, learned about STEM careers and had fun doing so! After online voting ballots are tallied to choose the best video, the competition ends with an Awards Gala.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a privately held U.S. company and a leader in overhead lifting equipment. For over four decades, the company has been manufacturing high quality specialty lifting equipment for unique applications.

To learn more about American Crane’s services and distributed products please visit us at http://www.AmericanCrane.com or call 1-877-877-6778, Ext. 224.

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