Wet Dust Collection of Metal Dusts Such as: Aluminum, Magnesium, Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium and other Commercial Alloys in Conformance with NFPA 484 Requirements

Tiger-Vac is please to feature a 3–phase explosion proof Portable Wet Dust Collector for the collection of conductive metal dusts. 

It is mandatory that this type of Portable Vacuum System be certified by an NRTL for Class II, Division 1, Group E.  This requirement is a must as per the NRTL Certification Authorities, NEC, NFPA and OSHA Standards.

It is also important to note that, as per NEC standards, NRTLs only certify the possibility of using the electrical equipment in the presence of combustible/flammable materials hazardous locations.

NFPA and OSHA standards define the requirements to collect fugitive dusts from processing equipment.

It is important to implement stringent safety measures at the point of generation where these fugitive dusts are created as the finest of these dusts will end up in the air and thus deposited in layers on floors, overhead beams, walls and on hidden ledges.

The finest fugitive dusts that escape from the processing machines are the dusts that we must fear the most because they are not visible to the eye and can create catastrophic consequences later.

Since fugitive dusts are not allowed to accumulate in working areas, a housekeeping cleaning method must be put in place.

Conductive/combustible metal dusts are different from other combustible dusts, and they are more difficult to clean-up, due to their electrical conductivity, that a designated “wet type” portable vacuum system is required.  The manufacturers of these “wet type” vacuum systems have the obligation to build and deliver the proper equipment to this very specialized industry.

The following features are important to consider in this “wet type” vacuum cleaner system:

a) The vacuum cleaner system must be bonded and grounded and made of stainless steel or any other conductive materials.

b) A baffle design must be located inside of the collection drum in order to avoid liquids, or air bubbles, from escaping from the liquid bath immersion process.

c) A Coalescing Filter Element, along with a HEPA Filter, is suggested.  This should be located upstream of the suction port outside of the “wet type” vacuum cleaner system.

d) All cleaning tools and accessories must be conductive and grounded.  This creates a bonding path throughout the vacuum system.

All of our units are available in either electrically operated, continuous duty single or 3-phase, or pneumatically (air) operated.

At Tiger-Vac we believe that Safety has no Compromise.  This is why we offer legally certified explosion proof/dust ignition proof vacuum cleaners for use in Class I, II and III, Division 1 and Division 2, Groups D, E, F and G.  All of our Haz-Loc Portable Vacuum Cleaners bare International Certifications for North America and Europe such as:

• NRTL: Division 1 and Division 2 – All Classes, All Groups – North America

• IECEx, EPL Da, Db and Dc – International

• ATEX Category 1, 2 and 3 G/D – Europe

For further information please visit our website located at www.tiger-vac.com or by telephone at 1-800-668-4437 our sales team will be please to answer any questions you may have.

Tiger-Vac Inc. is a proud member of the Haz-Loc Portable Vacuum Cleaner Organization (PVCO)

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