Wescorp Energy Announces Performance Results for Second Generation H2Omaxx Water Remediation Unit in Treating Marine Bilge Water

CALGARY - Wescorp Energy Inc. (Wescorp) (OTCBB: WSCE), a clean water technology company focused on implementing cost-effective solutions in several markets, including the oil and gas and marine industries, announced today that the second generation 10,000 barrel per day (bpd) H2Omaxx technology has successfully treated marine bilge water.

The H2Omaxx achieved the International Maritime Organization approved Resolution MEPC 107(49) regulated maximum residual hydrocarbon clean water discharge of 15 parts per million (ppm) with ease. This discharge standard is adopted and enforced nationally by agencies such as the U.S. Coast Guard.

"We are very impressed with the performance of the H2Omaxx in treating bilge water, which is a complex mix of hydrocarbons and other contaminants. The results of these real-world operations will be utilized in support of Allied Holdings and Wescorp Marine's development of the H2Omaxx for international marine certification and shipboard use through the Wescorp Marine joint venture," stated Tim Gale, President and CEO of Allied Holdings and President of Wescorp Marine. "This further supports our assessment that the H2Omaxx technology may be one of the best oil-water separation technologies available for shipboard use."

Bilge water was brought by barge from a ship to the H2Omaxx, where the water was treated and the hydrocarbons were separated and contained. Bilge water from ships contains a wide range of potential hydrocarbons and contaminants, including lube oil, fuel oil, machinery leakage, solvents, detergents, iron oxide particles, biological, equipment and engine-room wash water, firefighting foam, water treatment chemicals, grey water and sanitary system overflows, and seawater.

"Wescorp's objective is to demonstrate the capability of the H2Omaxx to meet the needs of an additional world-wide hydrocarbon based market, the marine industry," stated Robert G. Power, Executive Chairman of Wescorp's Board. "Now, we will move forward with Allied Holdings and Wescorp Marine to the next stage of development, technology adaptation and independent testing of H2Omaxx units for sea-going vessels."

Third party sampling of the bilge water before and after treatment, and reporting of the analytical results, was conducted by a national environmental consulting firm, hired by the bilge water service operator.

About Wescorp Energy Inc.

Wescorp (www.wescorpenergy.com) is a clean water technology company focused on implementing its superior, low-cost, water purification solutions for the oil and gas production industry and for marine remediation projects across North America. Wescorp's innovative clean technology is designed to meet increasing government regulations needs of our industry and society in general.

About Allied Holding Group

Allied (www.shipequip.com/aboutus.html) a closely held corporation since 1983 has paid careful attention to the requirements of the U.S. marine community from the standpoint of meeting specific needs with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard, and ensuring that the products supplied comply with applicable standards and regulations. Allied's clients are manufacturers that seek to enter or expand their presence in the US public and private marine industry. Allied provides full market representation, product distribution, factory authorized repair facilities, and application engineering services. With an established reputation in the marketing and support of various marine equipment, Allied had secured business in excess of $450M for its principals.

About the H2Omaxx Technology

H2Omaxx utilizes proprietary next generation aeration technology to clean and separate oil and solids from water. It has been proven to be safe, effective, economical and an environmentally-friendly process. Independent test results have shown the H20maxx technology will reduce the oil content in oil well produced water to less than 10 parts per million without the use of chemicals, filters or heat.


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