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(Orlando, FL) The cloud fuels productivity gains in freight with a new search engine and pricing tool that does for freight what the web does for travel. It's a free web based search engine which compares rates of 30 national LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) freight carriers, ships, tracks and manages freight all in one place. Small and medium size business now have access to pre-negotiated volume rates that they would not normally qualify for. Shipping LTL freight just got easier and less expensive.

Tools for Small and Medium Shippers

www.FloridaIntermodal.com is a free web based LTL freight search engine and pricing tool with detailed online freight quotes, tracking, billing and management. It compares sorts and ranks the LTL carriers by price, maintains address books of your origins and destinations to auto-populate the fields, does the same thing for the products you ship and keeps track of freight classes and NMFC numbers which equal lower freight rates. This makes shipping LTL freight easier and more accurate especially if you have multiple locations and multiple people doing freight. Compare, ship, track and manage your LTL freight all in one place.

Florida Intermodal, Inc. is a freight brokerage, technology and industrial logistics firm based in Winter Park (Orlando), Florida.

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