WaterProfessionals Now Provides High-Tech Equipment for Superior Operation of Industrial Boilers

Combining water treatment equipment with conventional chemical cleaning methods
saves money while also reducing energy consumption.

(Blountville, Tennessee, USA) - The WaterProfessionals® - a company that is one of the world's leading experts on water treatment and filtration systems - now offers a more economical and energy-conscious way to operate and treat industrial boilers.

This new process utilizes not just chemical treatment but also advanced equipment solutions. The result of combining equipment with chemicals minimizes scaling and fouling, thus saving substantial amounts of energy and money.

As boilers evaporate water into steam, dissolved minerals left behind in the boiler form scales that can damage the boiler if they are allowed to accumulate. Chemical scale inhibitors minimize scaling to some degree, but as mineral concentration increases, scaling will occur even in the presence of proper chemical applications. Thus, scale control requires periodic release of very hot water ("blowdown") and introduction of fresh water to reduce the mineral concentration in the boiler.

Relying solely on chemicals also means that there is the more frequent necessity for blowing down the boiler. Because blow down water is typically 212° to 220°F, the company incurs significant costs for water and sewer fees, and it also spends lots of money on heat energy that literally goes right down the drain.

Unfortunately, most chemical vendors in the business of treating boilers and cooling towers use chemical treatment alone. But by also installing water filtration equipment to remove scaling minerals, the need for blow down is greatly reduced. This is not only better for boiler efficiency and for the longevity of the boiler itself - it is also much healthier for a company's financial bottom line. Treating boiler water with reverse osmosis can, for instance, successfully remove 98 percent or more of all dissolved minerals. This significantly reduces mineral build-up inside the boiler, thereby significantly reducing chemical treatment required and hot water wasted in blowing down the boiler. Depending on the size of boiler and other factors, the monetary savings can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The WaterProfessionals team offers an entire range of water treatment technologies including reverse osmosis, dealkalization, softening, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and sand and multimedia filtration. By combining these treatment tools with the appropriate water treatment chemicals, WaterProfessionals is able to deliver optimum results that also reduce the cost of water, energy, boiler maintenance, and operator involvement.

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