Water Quality Association Recognizes ZeroWater as First Pitcher Filter to Reduce Chromium-6 from Tap Water

ZeroWater pitchers provide an affordable alternative to reverse osmosis in removing chromium-6 to more stringent standards proposed by the Environmental Working Group

BENSALEM, Pa. - Zero Technologies - developers of the only dual ion exchange tap water filtration pitchers and dispensers, and the only pitcher filter to receive NSF International's certification for chromium-6 and lead reduction - has received recognition from the Water Quality Association (WQA) - the international trade association and Gold Seal product certification body, representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. The WQA recognizes ZeroWater as being just as effective at reducing chromium-6 in tap water as reverse osmosis (RO) systems, which has long been considered the de-facto standard in removing dangerous heavy metals in tap water. Following independent laboratory testing, the WQA recognizes ZeroWater for removing chromium-6 to the stringent standards recommended by the Environmental Working Group - the leading nonprofit research organization for protecting human health and the environment - and the State of California.

"ZeroWater filters utilize a mixed bed ion exchange technology to effectively deionize tap water, which has proven to be an effective method of reducing dangerous heavy metals like chromium-6 in tap water," said Tom Palkon, director at WQA. "ZeroWater provides an affordable option for consumers to reduce heavy metals like chromium-6 from their tap water."

ZeroWater uses a patented five-level dual ion exchange and carbon filtration process to filter water. It is the only pitcher on the market that combines activated carbon and dual ion exchange technologies to eliminate virtually all dissolved solids in tap water, making it the only filter pitcher that meets the Food and Drug Administration's requirement for dissolved solids in purified bottled water.

Filtration solutions that use RO to purify water, which require high in-house installation costs, are not as broadly adopted as filter pitchers. Most traditional pitchers use carbon filtration to remove water impurities, which do not remove harsh chemicals and solids such as chromium-6 from tap water. With the recognition of the WQA, consumers are no longer left to decide between cost and effectiveness.

"We at ZeroWater are proud to have been recognized by the WQA. It is wonderful to receive third-party validation that our filter pitcher technology is as capable as RO of protecting consumers from dangerous impurities in their tap water such as chromium-6," said Doug Kellam, chief executive officer at Zero Technologies. "Recognition by the leading water quality organization gives consumers comfort and security, knowing that an affordable, widely available and easy to use filter option that removes chromium-6 and all detectable solids in tap water is at their reach."

About Zero Technologies, LLC:

Zero Technologies, LLC - based in Bensalem, PA - has developed the ZeroWater Filtration System with the mission of delivering the best filtration possible to consumers through its patented 5-stage ion exchange filter which removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). No other filter pitcher or dispenser can make this claim. By removing virtually all TDS, ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in Purified Bottled Water.

To date, the breakthrough ZeroWater filter has received certifications by NSF International and the Water Quality Association for the removal of copper, iron, zinc, aluminum, lead, chromium, mercury, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.

ZeroWater offers a variety of broadly available and affordable options for every person's home tap water filtration needs, including a 6-cup Space Saver pitcher, an 8-cup pitcher, a filtration water cooler bottle, and a new 10-cup pitcher and 23-cup dispenser. All models are designed for ease of use and to fit in most refrigerators. Products are available online at ZeroWater.com, Amazon.com and many other on-line resellers, or at national retailers, including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meijer and Fry's.

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