WARDJet's 2015 Open House and 20 Year Celebration

Tallmadge, OH – WARDJet celebrated its 20 year anniversary at its 3rd Open House in August. Our team members stayed busy talking to almost 100 visitors about everything that was new at WARDJet, such as the WARDKit On the Go, a 24 foot truck outfitted with a WARDKit 5x5 waterjet and equipped to tour across America. With the truck's curtain-style sides pulled back and modular platforms mounted to the side, visitors were able to walk onto the truck and watch WARDKit demonstrations. TV screens, brochures, banners, and lighting completed the overall impression.

Open House guests were introduced to the new GL horizontal boring mill with 36 of X Axis travel, 6 7 of Y Axis travel, and a 5-axis spindle. WARDJet's printed circuit board room was also recently relocated and given a face lift. Hexagon was on hand with a Leica T-Mac (Tracker- Machine control sensor) mounted to a standard E-1515 system, and Yaskawa Motoman demonstrated cutting automotive components for weld inspection with an abrasive waterjet robot. Abrasive recycling, custom waterjet design, and 5-Axis cutting demonstrations rounded out the full Open House tour.

A 20 Year celebration was held that evening. The WARDJet family, as well as a number of special guests, made the event memorable. Owner Richard Ward shared a few stories from the early days of WARDJet, and was treated to a surprise video message from the current WARDJet staff.

About WARDJet

WARDJet is an innovative and creative manufacturer of waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting machines. WARDJet designs and build machines for almost any automation need and offer customized options, controlling every phase of design and manufacturing, so that precision is ensured and strict quality control is maintained.


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